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Karen Christensen Artist


I am a self-taught artist based in Essex, working mainly in mixed media collage and sculpture. My artistic practice probes human interaction in its widest form, using mainly found, used and discarded objects and turning them into new forms. I am drawn by the combination of materials, colour and texture and motivated by the interactions and relations between people, places and objects; how they relate to each other, as well as the wider universe and intangibles of existence. I often use writing, my own and others’, in my work, adding an additional ‘layer’ to the piece. 


I am particularly interested in and draw inspiration from outsider art and the raw energy emanating from this. My work is intuitive with each piece telling its own story, intrinsically woven into each of its layers.

I am not attempting to make nice or pretty pieces, the completion of a piece is an innate sense that whatever was happening in me whilst creating it is complete. As such, it's about me journeying into an expansive world, much greater than mine, where I can explore and create visual stories.

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